Mini Habits

Smaller Habits, Bigger Results

Stephen Guise
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“With mini habits, you can join the ranks of people who change their lives in the most unbelievable way.”
-Stephen Guise

Seek Clarity

Here author wants us to understand that high performers, people who are high performers don’t necessarily get clarity instead they always seek for it as compare to other people, they try to find that clarity and always try to stay to their true path. High performers spend 74 extra minutes per week to plan their days. That successful people don’t wait for a new year, like when a new year comes they will decide and make a resolution for what all changes they need in themselves and in their life, but they always look out for self-evaluation.

Successful people or high performers always seek clarity which helps them to move out of distraction and helps them to focus on what’s important. The best and the simple way to seek clarity is to focus on 4 things such as: Self, skills, social and service: How you would love to describe yourself? How would you love to or want to behave socially? What are the skills you want to develop and demonstrate? And what service you want to provide?

When you answer these questions for sure you will get a better start.

Generate Energy

Here author says, as per their research most people unsurprisingly lose their energy throughout the day especially between 2 to 3 pm, they finish their day feeling tired and lack of energy. But there were some busy and extremely productive people do not get wiped out, so author says as per their research what they found out that most people lose energy and get wiped out in the transition between tasks and between meetings etc.

But whereas high performers have mastered their transition, they learn to take a quick break between transitions and between different activities, such as in that quick break they close their eyes meditate and feel relax, this helps them to feel calmed relaxed and this releases their tension and helps them to focus on important things and also helps them to stay active in every task and at every transition.

High performers with quick breaks manage to charged themselves whole days, through it, they gain energy instead of losing it.

Author says if you want to feel active, charged and full of energy and want to be more active then you must give your brain and body some relaxation, you must at least give 40 to 60 minutes of relaxation to your body and brain ,This is really very important hence you need to plan your day accordingly.

Raise Necessity

Here author says before every major activity High performers raise their psychological necessity by asking themselves why it is important for them to perform well. High performers make work a necessity, they never afraid to put their identity to their performance,  for high performers performing better becomes the necessity. And author says if you want to raise necessity ask yourself loud for whom you are doing it for?  Ask yourself loud who needs me to be on my A game right now? For whom I need to do this?

It could your family, friends, peers, partner, customers etc. it can be anyone  but for them, you need to perform well, and when you get into anyone with this raise of necessity it will help you to get focused on any work. To perform well in any work you need to raise your necessity this will help you to get excellence result or outcome.

Increase Productivity

Here author wants us to understand to increase productivity we need to understand that the main thing is the main thing and we should focus on things which are important and should avoid things which are not so important or kind of distractions. Here author also shared an example of Steve Jobs, saying when a job came back to apple, he stripped down the product line and then he focused on increasing the quality of the products that remained.

Author says High performers are more productive because they see five steps ahead and align themselves to achieve each of those things. Such as first to identify what are the moves? And then what are main major moves which will help you to achieve your goals and make you successful? And what are the things you need to concentrate which are important? So by this you will understand not so important things which can be avoided and then what are the skills you need to develop to accomplish that moves.

Develop Influence

Here author says High performer influence people by teaching them how they should think and challenging them to grow. High performers make people understand how change thinking can change their life,  high performers make people understand what difference will come to your life if you face situations in different ways? Or ask them about what they think about things.

High performer train people about how they should think instead of taking things negatively they should approach the same situation in a positive way. If you can impact someone’s life and thinking in a positive way, then you are an influencer. High performers, help you to change your entire thinking about yourself and about your life.

Demonstrate Courage

Author says after doing Tremendous and extensive research they came to know that, at the time of hardship, stress, risk, judgment or at the time of fear there are certain things done by High performers. The first thing which they do is they speak up for themselves,  here high performers speak about their truth and ambitions more often compare to normal people, they speak up for others as well, high performers are more willing to share about themselves.

The other thing which high performers do, is they honor their struggles, they know that struggle and struggling is the natural part of process, and they also understand that this struggle will only make them courageous and gives them more strength, high performers already have idea that the process or journey of success will be going to be hard and they already expected it in the process. Every high performer accepts the struggle hardship and moves on whereas normal people don’t they complain about it.

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