Elon Musk Recommended books that Changed his Life

If you’re looking for new books to read in 2020, we have collected a list called ‘Elon Musk Recommended books that Changed his Life’

Elon Reeve Musk FRS (current Net Worth $92.3B) is a business magnate, industrial designer, engineer, and philanthropist. He is the founder, CEO, CTO, and chief designer of SpaceX; early investor, CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc.; founder of The Boring Company; co-founder of Neuralink; and co-founder and initial co-chairman of OpenAI.

He grew up in South Africa, then immigrated to Canada at age 17. He landed in the U.S. as a transfer student to the University of Pennsylvania. Elon Musk is working to revolutionize transportation both on Earth, through electric car maker Tesla – and in space, via rocket producer SpaceX.

After meeting Musk, people tend to walk away with the same reaction: ‘He’s the smartest guy I’ve ever met.’ Elon Musk recently made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. The now-viral interview, which was live-streamed to thousands of viewers. Whenever anyone asks him how he learned to build rockets, he says, ‘I read books.’

We have created chapter-wise summaries of the best books recommended by Elon Musk with our favorite quotes. So you know the book and what you will learn and then move on to reading it! Check out this clickable ‘Elon Musk Recommended books that Changed his Life’.

Elon Musk Recommended books that Changed his Life

Life 3.0 Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Book Summary Life 3.0 Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

“This is a compelling guide to the challenges and choices in our quest for a great future of life, intelligence, and consciousness—on Earth and beyond.”

—Elon Musk

In the summary of Life 3.0 we see how will Artificial Intelligence affects crime, war, justice, jobs, society, and our very sense of being human.

Superintelligence – Paths, Dangers, Strategies

Superintelligence Book Summary

“Valuable. The implications of introducing a second intelligent species onto Earth are far-reaching enough to deserve hard thinking.”

-The Economist

Superintelligence Book Summary: At Dartmouth College in the summer of 1956, a group of scientists sat down to chart a new course for humankind.

Zero to One

Zero to One Book Summary

“Crisply written, rational and practical, Zero to One should be read not just by aspiring entrepreneurs but by anyone seeking a thoughtful alternative to the current pervasive gloom about the prospects for the world.”

–The Economist

Summary of Zero to One throws light on The first team Peter Thiel built that became to be known in Silicon Valley as the “PayPal Mafia”

Structures: Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down

Structures Book Summary

“It is really, really good if you want a primer on the structural design.”

—Elon Musk

Structures: Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down – Book Summary by Make Me Read explains how J.E. Gordon strips engineering of its confusing technical terms, communicating its founding principles in accessible, witty prose.

Merchants of Doubt

Merchants of Doubt Book Summary

“Anyone concerned about the state of democracy in America should read this book”

―Al Gore

The book summary of Merchants of Doubt tells the story of how a loose-knit group of high-level scientists and scientific advisers, with deep connections in politics and industry, ran effective campaigns to mislead the public and deny well-established scientific knowledge over four decades.

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